About Flanders Football Club


The Club was founded in 2005 as a youth football team, with U16 and U17 age groups playing in the Barking Youth League. In season 2015/16 we will have 7 teams: under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11, under 12, under 13 and the Mens/Senior team.


The aims and objectives of the club are to provide an environment where young people and adults from East Ham and surrounding areas, irrespective of race, gender or religion, can participate safely and progressively in recreational and competitive football. 


The club badge has poppy flowers at either side of the lion's head. Flanders Field in East Ham, where we are based, was named as a memorial to those who gave thier lives in the First World War at Flanders. We are eternally grateful to those brave young men that gave their lives so we are able to live our lives the way we do today.


We shall do them proud by doing our best at all times in sport, and in life, by trying hard being fair, honest, modest in victory and gracious in defeat. 

What some happy Flanders players have said:  

"I'm a Flanders player and I have a lot fun. It doesn't matter if we lose. We learn and try again next time."


- Danny B.

"The coaches make football fun. I would like to be a coach when I leave school."


- Leon E.

"I like my coach and my team mates, we have fun. We have played in cup finals and we have won."


- J V

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